HEAVENESE' Premiere Performance in Eritoria!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019 7:00PM inCinema Roma, Asmara
Wednesday, May 22, 2019 7:00PM in City Park, Asmara

Please see the link below for more information.

>>> HEAVENESE in Eritoria- From the Rising of the Sun -

[May 17, 2019 Update]


HEAVENESE' Premiere Performance in Ethiopia!

November 3rd & 4th in Addis Ababa
November 8th in Lalibela

Please see the link below for more information.

>>> HEAVENESE in Ethiopia- From the Rising of the Sun -

[September 18, 2017 Update]


●Please check the article about HEAVENESE in Jerusalem.

Arutz Sheva
Read >>> click here

●Please check the article about HEAVENESE in Jerusalem.

[October 31, 2014 Update]

●Heavenese featured in the Kansas City Star November 19th opinion article entitled "A weekend of contrasts: From harmony to hatred"

The Kansas City Star
Read >>> click here

[December 13, 2013 Update]

●HEAVENESE on LDM Magazine

HEAVENESE is on the cover!!!!
And you can read story inside 4 pages!!

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[December 13, 2013 Update】

●2013 HEAVENESE USA Tour Ended in success!

Received great reviews for all performances, including school visits, workshops, street performances in Kansas, New York, & Connecticut!

Photos are available on Facebook >>> click here




[December 13, 2013 Update】

Heavenese was featured on 3 TV shows while in L.A.

TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) with its worldwide broadcasting featured Heavenese on its ever popular show, Praise the Lord. Marre and Kumiko were also featured on the shows, Hot Off the Press and Breaking Good News.
Click here to watch those shows.

Praise the Load Hot Off the Press Breaking Good News

[November 21, 2012 Update】

November 2 found Heavenese at Grand Park in L.A.
  for Cherry Blossom Centennial event.

Grand Park, which recently opened in downtown L.A., was the site for the Cherry Blossom Centennial. This event was held to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Japan's gifts of cherry trees to the U.S. and was co-hosted by Los Angels County, Grand Park, Japan Foundation, and the Consulate-General of Japan in Los Angels. Marre sang the Japanese national anthem and Kumiko the U.S. national anthem.

After the ceremony, Heavenese performed at Grand Park.
A number of people who had already seen Heavenese perform came by in addition to people who just happened to stop by on their way home from work. It was a great show.

For a slide show of the event, click here for the Consulate-General's website
(The slideshow is on the right side of their homepage)

A report of the event can be read in the Los Angels Japanese Daily News RAFU SHIMPO (the report is in Japanese)

Click here for more pictures ( Facebook)

[November 21, 2012 Update】

Heavenese's U.S. Tour was a success!

Thanks to all who supported us and helped make this tour go well.
In total, we had 10 live shows, two in Kansas City and 8 in the L.A. area. We also did a couple street performances and appeared on worldwide broadcasted TV shows. A full report of this tour will be posted soon.

Check out our Facebook page for photos from the tour

Click here for Toue schedule

[November 21, 2012 Update】

Heavenese performed at Konnoh Hachimangu Shrine.

Saturday, September 15 on the Kaguraden Stage
Sunday the 16th on the Special Stage

For pictures from the 15th, click here (Facebook)

For pictures from the 16th, click here (Facebook)

Click here for Konnoh Hachimangu Shrine's English site

[November 21, 2012 Update】

Heavenese performed for the first time in Iwaki,
   Fukushima prefecture at Park Fest.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Park Fest is a monthly event held at Tairachuo Park in the city of Iwaki.
The performance was held outdoors, and all the electricity used was from solar power.
Heavenese's Shakuhachi(Bamboo flute) player, DK, is from Iwaki making this show more personal.Thanks to all who came out!

Click here for pictures from the show on Facebook

Click here for the Park Fes site

[November 21, 2012 Update】

Heavenese Performed at the Tanabata Festival in Rikuzentakata.

Heavenese performed on the eve of Rikuzentakata's annual Tanabata summer festival.
Rikuzentakata is the city that Heavenese has been supporting since the March 11, 2011 catastrophe.

Here is the link to the Tanabata Festival site.

We will provide a full report soon.

For more information on our work in Rikuzentakata,
check out our Send LOVE Project site.

[August 6, 2012 Update】


Well-received performance at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse
during the Yokohama Salone Festival

A rainy morning turned into sunshine as Heavenese was setting up for their performance.

This event was well attended, and we were so glad to see many familiar faces there. A big thank you to all of you who support us.

横浜サローネ Sunday July 8 2012
Performance schedule
1st Stage 12:30 - 13:00
2nd Stage 15:15 - 15:45
Venue: Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Plaza
>>> click here for the event's website

[July 8, 2012 Update】

Heavenese will perform at Sengawa Summer Feastivel

August 1, 2012   1st show  open 18:30 / start 19:30
August 2, 2012   2nd show open 14:00 / start 15:00
August 2, 2012   3rd show open 18:00 / start 19:00
Venue: Sengawa Theater
>>> click here for more information

[Juy 2, 2012 Update】

We are coming back to America very soon!!
Don't forget Japan tour 2012
October 17 - November 4

[June 21, 2012 Update】

Marre, the leader of Heavenese, recently wrote a book entitled
 "Words from the Ancient Jewish Wisdom"

Soon after this book came out, it climbed to the top of the bestselling list at a large major bookstores. Two days after being released, the publisher had more copied printed bring the total to 56,000. It consists of paraphrased excerpts from the Bible that have been worded in a way that will draw Japanese people to the Bible.
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[May 19, 2012 Update】

Thanks for the Full-house at O-EAST

New pictures and a report from our recent concert have been posted. Please enjoy checking it out.


Click to see the details of concert

[March 1, 2012 Update】
Click to see concert report

Offering to God Performance a Success
[April 3, 2012】

On March 31 and April 1, Heavenese performed at the Cherry Blossom Festival at Konnohachimangu Shinto Shrine in Shibuya.

Thank you for coming out, and a big thanks to those of you who supported us in this event.

>>> Click here to see review



Heavenese's Latest Video Clip
[March 8, 2012】

Heavenese performing their song "3N1" during their 2011 L.A. tour.

[January 25, 2012】

Heavenese's interview at TBN during their L.A. tour was aired on TBN's "First to Know" program.

>>> Click to watch the video

If you saw the interview, please leave a comment on Heavenese's Facebook page.

Japanese and American national anthems sung by Marre and Kumiko
[November 17, 2011】

On November 17th, the Consulate-General of Japan in Los Angeles held a celebration to welcome the new Consul General and to celebrate the emperor's birthday. Marre and Kumiko, from Heavenese, were invited to participate in the celebration.

The new Consul General asked Marre and Kumiko to sing because he greatly appreciated their involvement with Kick Back Cafe and Heavenese in the relief effort in Rikuzen-Takata. Representing Japan, Marre sang Japan's national anthem, "Kimigayo." Kumiko sang the U.S.A's national anthem as a token of thanks to the U.S. for all their support. They both received many positive comments concerning their renditions of the anthems. One person said, "Your performances of the national anthems were very remarkable."

Marre and Kumiko delivered a letter of thanks to the Consulate-General of Japan in Los Angeles from the city of Rikuzen-Takata
[November 15, 2011】

After the March 11th catastrophe, Marre and Kumiko were in L.A. and shared what was needed in the devastated areas. Many Japanese people in L.A. provided money and goods for the relief effort.

Knowing that Heavenese would be in L.A., the mayor of Rikuzen-Takata, Mr. Toba, had Marre and Kumiko delivered a letter of gratitude to the Consul General, Mr. Niimi.

Offering to God Feast a Success
[October 9, 2011】

Sunday, October 9, 2011, Heavenese performed at the Offering to God Feast at Kurosaki Shrine in Rikuzen-Takata, Iwate prefecture which is held every four years.

Having lost floats, clothing for feast, and equipment in the tsunami, it was thought that only the shrine rituals would be performed this year and the popular traditional feast events would be excluded.
One of the main events in the fesat, Hashigo-Toramai, has been performed over 300 years, and the people who put it on were compelled to do it this year because of the difficulties everyone had been through. This was just another step forward in the rebuilding process. At the feast there were more people than in past years, and we saw the people's desire to rebuild and move on.

We are so thankful we had the opportunity to be part of this feast and to offer our sincere prayer to see this area and people restored.

A detailed report will be posted soon.

Please check out the on-site report of our relief effort :


First in the history!!
"Offering to God" Live Concert featuring Heavenese at Local Shinto Shrine in Rikuzen-Takata
[October 1, 2011】

We were invited by the official representatives of Local Shinto Shire to take part and perform as music offering to God in their upcoming most sacred traditional feast which is being held once in every 4 years. This year it is going to be held to help promote the reconstruction efforts and encourage people of the Rikuzen-Takata.

Shinto officials had attended our concert held in Rikuzen-Takata on August 15th and they approached us asking to be a part of the feast.
It is the very first historical event that Gospel group will partake a traditional Shinto feast as means of worship and offering to God in the form of Shintoism.

We are so honored to be accepted and acknowledged as
the music group suitable for the sacred feast which has a long history by the local Shinto Shrine.

This is going to be a great event, and we are really looking forward to sharing the Gospel message with all those attending.

Please check out the on-site report of our relief effort :

October 9, 2011

PACKED! HEAVENESE LIVE @Shibuya[September 27, 2011】

Thank you for coming out!

Gospel Fest in Rikuzentakata (affected city) went really well   [August 15, 2011】

Many people showed up and really seemed to enjoy our performance.
Some of the people showed their appreciation with tears in their eyes saying " your music brought us joy of life even though everything was taken away by the Tsunami."

Others said " Your words have encouraged me" So many of them showed their appreciation for our effort but in reality we are the one who should appreciate them for showing us such a wonderful example of being so persevering in great tribulation.

We will be back again...

Please check out the on-site report of our relief effort :

HEAVENESE concert well received
    at local summer festival
  [August 3, 2011】

Our local community, Sengawa, had a summer festival August 3rd, and it featured Heavenese.
For th last 6 years, Heavenese has performed at the main venue of this festival which due to the stage size limited their performance. However, this year they were featured at a secondary venue, Sengawa Theater, which enabled them to do their full show.
Sengawa Theater was filled to capacity with local people.

HEAVENESE Live @ Shibuya   September 27, 2011

2011.9.27 Tue
Shibuya O-EAST (Tokyo, Japan)
open 18:00 / start 19:00
¥2,500 /door¥3,000 (+Drink¥500)

[May 14, 2011】

Although it was the first time ever for the HEAVENESE band to perform in its "Yamatodamashii" style, with Japanese taiko drums and shamisen, outside of Tokyo, the venue was packed with people of all ages, from small children to elderly people. It was quite a sight to see the whole audience stand and sing "halellujah chorus"

The event was reported in the local newspaper as well.

(click to see larger image)


Click to see >>> Photo & Report

Charity Gospel Fest for Eastern Japan Earthquake Relief vol.1
[April 28, 2011】

We thank all those who came to the concert to support our work in the affected areas.

HEAVENESE's regular music event called the "Gospel Fest" originally started when it
held the "Gospel Fest--Don't forget Kobe" charity concert for the victims of Kobe earthquake in 1995.

Please check out the on-site report of our relief effort :

Check out the video clip of HEAVENESE LIVE concert in Shibuya, Tokyo!


[January 31, 2011】

Thank you for coming out!
Check out the report here! (only in Japanese)