HEAVENESE is a Gospel unit composed by Marré and Kumiko,
but was prompted to start its activities by the King of Gospel,
a 9-time Grammy Winner, Andraé Crouch.
In October 2012, their first EP was released world wide on
Sheila E's Stilettoflats Music that fuses Japanese soul music and Black music
into a new art form previously not existing.

From the nation often referred to as  "The Rising Sun," 
there has risen a brand new genre of music
with a promise to shine throughout the nations.
This alliance, comprised of 14 members with diverse careers and backgrounds,
has been brought together through an unchanging spirit.
It proclaims timeless truth, an aroma to the soul.

Marré : Lead Vocal & Piano

HEAVENESE leader, vocal, piano, song writer, and composer.

HEAVENESE leader, vocal, piano, song writer, and composer.
In his teens, Marré started the first free school of Japan, an alternative to the existing school system.
He became an activist and a pioneer in the free school movement that counters the uniformity of the Japanese educational circle.
In 1991, he released his first major album from a Polydor-related label. His song, "Pool of Siloam," was chosen as one of the top ten Valentine's Day special dedication songs.
In 1998, he started a multi-dimensional venue called "Kick Back Cafe."
In 2000, he authored his first book, "Is This Really the Person for Me?" which became a bestseller.
With over 220,000 copies sold, it remains one of the more popular books in its field.
In November 2005, he met 8-time Grammy winner in Gospel music, Andrae Crouch, and started creating a new type of music unit, HEAVENESE, fusing traditional Japanese music with Black, Gospel, and R&B. In 2008, HEAVENESE’ first live performance was in Tokyo.
At the end of October 2011 they went on their first tour, which was to the LA area and was a great success.
Since then, they have successfully performed all over the world, including Israel and Dubai in the Middle East and (Ethiopia and Eritrea) inAfrica.

In April 2020, the YouTube program HEAVENESE Style (every Sunday night at 8pm) began due to the COVID 19 state of emergency. This show which is an educational and entertainment program full of information exposing Big Tech and Big Pharma has seen its viewership increased tenfold in one year.
The message delivered is an unwavering defense of the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion.
The show is currently experiencing a ban rate of 30%.
In December 2020, Marre also launched ”WeRise” to call on current members of the House of Councillors along with prominent scientists and doctors to organize an event to properly understand the Covid 19 pandemic and to issue a joint statement to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare that "a paper proving the existence of the coronavirus should be presented."
He is also an opinion leader on infectious disease control issues, including serving as an assistant intervenor in a lawsuit seeking revocation of the special exception approval of Covid 19 Vacccine.
Currently, in addition to being a musician, counselor and writer, he is a pastor of Committed Japan where he delivers his messages mainly at Kick Back Cafe.
He is also well versed in ethnic history, lecturing and touring as a researcher on the similarities between the Bible and the beliefs brought by ancient migratory tribes led by the powerful Hata clan.
His "Bible Reality" lectures, in which he discusses world affairs from a biblical perspective, are also gaining popularity.

Kumiko : Lead Vocal

As a 15 year old, Kumiko went to the US.  She sang in her high school's choir and began dancing. With hip-hop as her main genre, she was mentored by and worked alongside the renowned Regina Williams, and went on to pursue a career as a dancer and a fitness-instructor in Japan and the US.

Since marrying Marré in 1996, she has worked alongside him, appeared in his concerts as a vocalist and assisted in his counseling.  In 2005, she was called by Kaori Nara Turner to be part of the Living History of Kimono fashion show in Hollywood.

Ikki : Drums

A graduate from a renowned Japanese music college, became a Heavenese member shortly after uninvitedly jumping behind the drum and playing with the band during an event.

Idy : Bass

After his dramatic encounter with Marré, he changed his outlet of expression from beer bottles to the bass guitar.

Naoya : Sax

Jazz is in his blood, his grandfather was a famous clarinet player in Japan and his uncle a trombone player.

Maki : Background Vocal

Studied piano and graduated from the most elite music school in Japan, centers her post-graduate music career around being a vocalist of HEAVENESE, while working on her own career.


数々の演奏活動などを経て、2010年1st「想-sou-」2013年2nd「Deux VISAGES」をリリース。同年には自身で作曲した曲を自ら振り付けして奏で舞うという業界初のDVDミュージッククリップも発表。「歌・舞・奏」という独自のスタイルで日本の伝統芸能を世界へ発信している。

> 森永基木オフィシャルサイト


平成25年度 宮城道雄全国記念コンクール 秀位
平成25年11月 『伊勢神宮第六十二回式年遷宮』に於いて、箏の奉納演奏を独奏にて行う。
(伊勢神宮下宮遷宮館 勾玉池能舞台にて)





以後ピアノ&ハモンド・オルガンを通して様々なバンド&ミュージシャンとのライブやレコーディング活動を経験。 これまでにソウル・シンガー「大上留利子&ジェニファー」のバックバンドメンバーとしてライブ、コンサート演奏&TV出演
CD「御手の中で」で編曲&ピアノ&オルガンを担当。 総勢15名からなる自己リーダーグループ「BIGEASY」を結成。 全曲オリジナルCD「Oh Shiny Day」発表。 全作曲&編曲&演奏を担当。 etc...
現在もオリジナル曲を中心に ジャズ・ゴスペル・ファンク・ソウル・ポップスetcで音楽活動中。
2022年3月 HEAVENESE加入


洗足学園音楽大学 音楽学部 器楽専攻 打楽器 卒業
2004 槙原敬之~cELEBRATION Concert tour 2004~
2005 ~同上 2005~にコーラス隊 エキストラパーカッションとして出演 兼 指導
2006 第57回紅白歌合戦にて『DREAMS COME TRUE』のサポートとしてマーチングスネアを担当
2010 International Percussion Festival in Seoul(IPFS)に岡田知之パーカッションアンサンブルで参加
2011 Taiwan International Percussion Convention(TIPC)岡田知之パーカッションアンサンブルで参加
2016 ラ・フォル・ジュルネ新潟『熱狂の日』音楽祭2016出演(ppp)・ 2017 日本テレビ『世界の果てまでイッテQ!』にドレミパイプの指導、出演(ppp)・ 他にも学校公演を全国各地で年間100公演近く行っており、子供達の情操教育にも力を入れている。
また『糖質オフスタイル協会 認定インストラクター』の資格も有している。
Percussion Peformance Players (PPP) 岡田知之パーカッションアンサンブル各メンバー
2014年2月 HEAVENESE IKKIのトラとしてサポート加入したのをきっかけに今に至る。