Kick Back Cafe, the multi-dimensional cafe run by Marré and Kumiko.

Kick Back Cafe is a unique cafe/diner that is adored by renowned musicians from all over the world, and is also a church! Heavenese's activities are based here, performing in a variety of events at the church/cafe.

Safe and secure is their motto as the cafe uses natural ingredients, as few chemical additives as possible, and offers a variety of vegan menu choices.
There are dishes on the menu, like Andraé Crouch's Fried Chicken, whose recipes came directly from the kitchens of musicians who love Kick Back Cafe.
The Soy Milk Ramen is one item that has been highly acclaimed by multiple media sources. 

Omotesando, equivalent to 5th Avenue in New York City, has bought into the Kick Back way, as it started to sell Kick Back's original cookies made from carefully selected ingredients are being sold there.

Kick Back boasts a no-smoking and no-alcohol atmosphere, and there is a mother's room, in which the children have the liberty to express their "rock" and "roll" during concerts, making the club the only one of its kind in the industry across the globe.

Marré's premarital counseling sessions and seminars are also conducted here, and it is a place for people to relax their hearts and bodies.

This is Kick Back Cafe.


Prolific author, marriage counselor, and the director of the Premarital Counseling Association of Japan, Marré interacts everyday with people seeking guidance in their personal relationships.

The CD single that was released to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Marré's debut is a hilarious 10 minute song in which he raps a condensed version of his popular seminar, "The difference between men and women, the psychology of relationships."

Sheila E.

God has truly anointed Kick Back Cafe. It is a place where you will find unprecedented love in the praise and worship, and fellowship through the word of God like no other. After experiencing Kick Back and the ministry of Pastor Marré, and the warm hospitality of Kumiko and their staff for the first time... I knew that they were my family, and this was MY church! Not to mention, when you experience their music ministry, you will plainly see that God is truly glorified.
Sheila E.

Past Appearances

Andraé Crouch / Kirk Whalum / Tommy Walker / Tommy Coomes / Sheila E. / Alfie Silas Durio / Linda McCrary / Larry Norman
and more...

Kirk Whalum

PSYCHO PSYCHO PSYCHO!!! "Crazy" is the best word to describe Heavenese––and that's what psycho means in English! It just so happens that when you pronounce that word in Japanese, it doesn't mean crazy, it means [fabulous?]. The energy is crazy!!! The music is... marvelous. The best of East & West made by people who have found a Love from the North to the South that makes people crazy in Love!!!
That's Heavenese!

Andraé Crouch Fried Chicken

Andrae Crouch

I thank God for the great and unique ministry they have in Tokyo. They are determined to complete the work that God has called them to do. That is so good to see. They are hard workers. They love people and I love them.
Kick Back Cafe, you are blessed.
Andraé Crouch