When: Tuesday, March 1, 2012
Where:Shibuya O-EAST (Tokyo,Japan)

Open: 6:00pm / Start: 7:00pm
Tickets: ADV 3,000yen / Door 3,500yen (dosen't include 500yen drink charge)
            Junior high and high school students 1,500yen (dosen't include 500yen drink charge
            Elementary school kids and under are free (mother's room available)

Tickets are available at Lawson(ticket code : 76366)and KICK BACK CAFE

Marré(Vo, Piano) / Kumiko (Vo) / Maki (Cho) / Ryu (Cho) / Horiko (Cho) /
Idy(Bs) / Ikki (Dr) / Naoya (Sax) / Ryosuke (Key) / /Maru (Key) / Arqese (Rap/Cho)
Misa (Shamisen) / Makoto (Taiko drums) / Lue (Taiko drums) / DK (Bamboo flute)

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Mobile KICK BACK CAFE will be available

Please enjoy good music and foods