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Heavenese Releases EP
and Tours the U.S. with Success

This American tour was called the "Don't Forget Japan Tour" just as well received HEAVENESE tour last year. It went very well; thanks to all that came out to see the shows.

HEAVENESE had two performances and was featured on a radio show in Kansas City. In Los Angeles they had 8 shows, appeared on 3 programs on a worldwide broadcasted cable TV station, took part in the Cherry Blossom Centennial event co-hosted by the Japanese Consulate and LA county. Also they performed at a Native American pow wow. This tour was full of great diversity.

The mayor of the city of Rikuzentakata (the city that HEAVENESE has been supporting since the devastation on 3.11.2011 ) Mr. Toba, said to Marre and Kumiko, the leaders of HEAVENESE after their American tour last year, "One thing I am afraid of is that this city will be forgotten, so Heavenese going to the U.S. to talk about us is something I am so grateful for."

This is one of the reasons Heavenese went to the U.S., to let people know that Rikuzentakata and life there is far from being what it was prior to the tsunami. (This tour was sponcered by Rikuzentakata and the Iwate Prefecture Education Department.)

HEAVENESE went on this tour with the 1st EP "Silk Road" which was realeased on Sheila E's label, Stiletto Flats Music.

The tour was scheduled to begin in Kansas City, the place where they had never played before. It began with a feeling of being anxious and excited right in the center of the United States.


Kansas City

October 17
Heavenese Arrives in Kansas City

All 35 members of Heavenese arrived safe and sound in Kansas City after a long trip. The majority left Tokyo the day before and arrived in Kansas City by way of Minneapolis.

Marre, Kumiko and several others had come to the U.S. a week earlier to prepare for this tour.

Two of the stage hands that do not speak English drove a truck filled with all of the instruments and Taiko drumds from LA to Kansas City. Everybody was worried about them making it to Kansas City in time for the first show, but thanks to God, they arrived there earlier than expected.

Despite the long nonstop-drive, they enjoyed their time on the road. These two men then drove back to LA right after the last show in Kansas City.


In Kansas City they worked together with a local FM radio station called Fountain Radio.They had organized everything for the 1st HEAVENESE shows in Kansas City. The station worked as their base providing the space to rehearse and store the gears.On top of that they kept 35 Japanese fed everyday. Fountain Radio has a hip-hop show hosed by DJ Chev-Dev called "The Concrete Truth" on Saturday evenings from 7 to 12 and it is taking off.

DJ Chev-Dev

Marre and Kumiko were featured on this radio program on October 20.

>>> Fountain Radio  107.9 FM

October 19
Street Performance at Country Club Plaza

This was their first ever street performance and the first performance of this tour. They did it as a test to see how HEAVENESE would be received out on the street on Friday night in Kansas city, MO. They also used they play.

In front of Scooter's Coffee and Yogurt was the stage and what they did unplugged was just a sample of the real show. They had a good response and it was a sing of the great success yet to come.

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October 20
Overland Trail Middle School

The first day of the performance was held in the southern part of Kansas City at Overland Trail Middle School in the school's auditorium.

A local gospel choir, One Voice, opened the show. One Voice did a great job and got the crowd energized.

Everyone in the auditorium seemed to be eagerly awaiting HEAVENESE coming on the stage. When finally they took the stage, they received a warm welcome.

This performance happened to be right after their 1st EP was officially released by Sheila E"s label, Stiletto Flats Music, so this night became a special one as they performed for the first time as an official recording artist in America.

The first and comemorating show was greatly enjoyed by those in attendance and was a great way to kick off the tour.

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October 21
Gem Theater


The Gem Theater in located at 18th and Vine which is a historic and world renown section of Kansas City for being a very important place in the history of jazz music. This location sent out world famous musicians such as Count Basie and Charlie Parker. Fountain Radio had been announcing HEAVENESE show, and they were saying tonight would be a historic and exciting night.

Fountain Radio is owned by Calvary Chapel Kansas City where Jim Stewart is the pastor, and he was also the host of the show.

He had shared with all HEAVENESE members earlier about the problem of racism that still exists in Kansas City and his desire to see it eradicated.

This was the motivation in bringing Heavense to KC, to bring people of all races together in a spirit of oneness.

When the Gem Theater's doors opened, people began pouring into the venue and all 600 seats were quickly filled.

One Voice, NLC Fire Choir and hip hop artist Pastor AD3 opened the show. Each played two songs before Heavenese took the stage. The opening acts and Ed Spock, the MC for the night, had energized the crowd.
While they were still getting ready for the show, Jim Steward came back stage and informed them that the crowd was eagerly anticipating HEAVENESE.
The show started with a opening video and when the logo appeared, the crowd went wild.

The energy level was so high. All throughout the show each member of HEAVENESE felt the crowd's excitement like waves crashing over them. Rapper, KC based J-Blast performed with them giving the show a Kansas City feel.

After the show many people came to the booth to hang out around HEAVENESE, buying CD and goods, taking pictures, getting autographs…all looked like they did not want to leave the place.

 "The way we were received went far beyond our expectations and it amazed us. " says Marre.

 "We heard from a number of people that the unity of different races in one place as was experience on this night was something they hadn't experienced before."

Their goal has always been to provide a high quality show. Using wisdom, being diligent and with the help of Sheila E and Andrae Crouch. They put in their best effort.

However this great success of HEAVENESE in Kansas City was not brought only by their musicality and showmanship, but it may be the mystic power of the fusion of the exotic Japanese soul and the spirit of the gospel/R&B.

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y This report will continue with a full recap of our time in LA. z

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