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More than 1,700 years ago, there was a tribe that traveled
from west of the silk road to the far east---to the country of
"The Rising Sun."

Their journey brought tens of thousands of them to Japan.
They were the ones that established the foundation of the spirit
of this amazing land, the spirit of the country of "The Rising Sun."
Now boasting one of the largest economies,
"The Rising Sun" is now part of the First World,
all the while maintaining a mystical aura, thanks to
the contribution that this tribe made in the formation of
Japan's foundation.

The people who composed the tribe were ancient Jews, who were also orthodox eastern Christians.
They were called the Hatas.
As a result of their influence, Japan's traditions and soul has,
at its very core, the Gospel, the worship of God Almighty.

The faith that the Hatas brought became a unique religion in Japan, known as Shinto. Shinto is still being passed down from generation to generation.
The outcry of the Japanese soul through Shinto had been
mainstream for centuries before Buddhism was imported to Japan.
The Japanese are people who worship God in their traditions and
in their life style, without recognizing
Who it truly is that their actions praise.

The secrets and the mystery beneath all that is considered common knowledge of the Japanese is about to be revealed.