Send LOVE Project

We extend our sincerest condolences to the victims of the recent Kumamoto earthquake.

Send LOVE Project has begun to collect funds for its relief operation in Kumamoto. The collected funds will be sent directly to Send LOVE’s Kumamoto office assuring the judicious use of the funds to meet the needs of the victims.

Send LOVE Project was started in March 2011 as a non profit organization to conduct relief efforts for the victims of the great northeastern earthquake and tsunami.Centering around one of the hardest hit areas, the city of Rikuzentakata in Iwate prefecture, Send Love Project has been providing relief goods to the victims, operating a mobile cafe, and organizing kid’s events. Meanwhile, its music group, HEAVENESE toured the US under the aegis of the city of Rikuzentakata and Iwate prefecture to thank those who provided financial support.

One thing that has been learned from our previous relief efforts is that the needs of the victims change moment by moment and vary from place to place. Each evacuation center faces unique needs requiring clear discernment of those needs so they can be handled in a practical manner.

Moreover, long-term support is vital especially after the fad of volunteering right after the earthquake fades. The merits of relief efforts can be tested after most people’s concern for the victims has waned with the passing of time. On this premise, Send LOVE Project will continue to dedicate itself to providing long term relief.

For effective relief to take place, certain skills are required such as working alongside the people in the disaster stricken area, grasping the situation, and being sensitive to the needs of the victims. Therefore, we will work alongside Pastor Satoru Kamizono, who began relief efforts right after the earthquake in Kumamoto, and Ryubi Hikaru, an executive board member from Sakura Fukushikai, a welfare association. They both live in Kumamoto, so we will support the victims in Kumamoto by partnering financially with these two individuals to better enable them to meet the contextual needs of the victims in the most practical way.

Your support of Send Love Project Kumamoto would be greatly appreciated.

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April 19, 2016
Send LOVE Project Representative
Marre & Kumko Ishii



この度、HEAVENESEのリーダーMarre & Kumiko 夫妻が平成28年度春の「東久邇宮まごころ文化褒賞」を受賞し、














Marie &Kumiko, the front men of HEAVENESE received
the medal of culture in the name of His Imperial Highness Prince HIgashi-kuninomiya.
It is the non-goveonmential highest honor that one can be given among the people.
Awarding ceremony was conducted in solemn atmosphere.
This time total of 9 people were awarded but we were the only one chosen as a married couple.

Every year recipients are chosen in spring and fall and each time they have theme for the award.
This spring’s theme was “Indebted”.

One of the major reasons of wining this award is that HEAVENESE have been
recognized to be engaged in requiting activities provoking peoples gratitudes
to what has been given.

Calibration was held after the ceremony and HEAVENESE was honored to
participate to share the music.

We thank everyone who has been supporting us.
Kimchi Minoru, former vice foreign minister for faithfully supporting HEAVENESE.
Those who work for the ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.
All production staff and fans..
But most of all, we give thanks to great and loving God we serve.

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